Successful communication is not just about translating words

Misunderstandings between different languages can be a common occurrence and that’s why good language bridges are essential to overcome these language barriers.

During multilingual conferences vital information could be lost. Professional conference interpreters make sure that each participant receives the correct message.

We offer tailor-made services everywhere and across a broad spectrum of areas such as science, medicine, economy, arts, culture, politics (more....)

According to the kind of event, the venue and the number of participants, we are able to offer you the following modes of interpretation:

Liaison interpreting

This mode is used for face-to-face translation with a small number of participants, for example for business meetings, in law courts and for interviews. The participants speak one at a time. (more....)

Consecutive interpreting

This mode is suitable for formal settings with a certain number of participants, also for official speeches and conferences and which take place at venues without a simultaneous booth. (more....)

Simultaneous interpreting

This is standard practice at international meetings. The interpreter sits in a booth listening to the speech through headphones and translates simultaneously. There are always two interpreters (more....)

Chuchotage or whispering interpretation

This is a form of simultaneous interpreting whereby the interpreter whispers simultaneously for 1 or 2 delegates. Use can also be made of the tour guide system for small meetings or factory visits but (more....)

Contact us with your request. We will be pleased to offer you our advice and provide you with a non-committing offer.

Your interpreter team

M.A. Conference Interpreter
Lisa Bianchi
Sworn translator

Graduate conference interpreter and translator
Francesca Ruffo
Sworn translator

We offer:

  • The precise translation of your message, dynamism and empathy
  • Multilanguage communication oriented to your business branch, company and precise technical terminology
  • Reliable conference equipment suitable for your event
  • Our service offer is personalized according to your needs and wishes
  • On request we can also identify professional interpreters with other language combinations

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